Newest and trending business in Nigeria under Network marketing- Royalè® business Club Inc.


Royalè® business Club international is a multi level marketing outfit of wellness industry that was established in Philippines about 10 years ago. It has stretched to Dubai, Kuwait, Taiwan, Singapore, London and finally, in November 2015, Nigeria got approved to be the first African hub of Royalè.
They have ADVANCED beauty and health products. Their compensation plans are second to none, rated the best in the world. People in Royale earn in millions after a short period of doing Royale in good faith. The good thing is that people who engage in it would make so much residual income that could be handed down to kids. It doesn’t matter how rich one is cos extra income source is always a plus.
Their product potency is my major focus even though it gives mega income. Health is wealth.
They have age defying creams. Line correcting cream and after birth and stretch marks removal, skin glowing products etc. The health products are anti ageing, anti cancerous, cardio enhancers, neurons food (brain food), recharger, fat burning combos, etc.
The marketing plans and compensation plans are second to none …  You enroll to be a Royalista with 39,980 but you would get a beauty & health product package worth 47,000 naira plus some other materials like, marketing aids, stickers, and a personalised online web page where you monitor your business. You can also enroll as a sub-distributor with 1,200 to become a full blooded royalista if you gradually(within a year) or swiftly upgrade to starter(39,980).
There are other plans like the “business plan” @ 120,980 (to get advanced beauty & health products worth of 155,000++) then the “Elite plan” @ 280,980 (to get Advanced health & beauty products worth 350,000++) The compensation plans are 8 ways through which you can earn. The compensation plans for direct referral is #2,300, team match bonus is #5,800. Indirect referral bonus, account upgrade,  Power line bonus, unilevel bonus, multilevel and  Royalty bonuses and travel incentives. No flush out, no expiration or degeneration of accumulated points, no compulsory monthly Autoship or repurchase, no compulsion to buy the products, no pass ups (though its possible you can earn more than an up line). The payout directly to your bank account is every week. Conquer your State and environs. It begins with a passion and a solid decision to create a wealthier and healthier you.
It’s hybrid marketing plan is superb. Registration has started already. Get a place in Royalé now and get ready for 2016 exploits. Contact Mr. Emmanuel on 08036972696


You can start using the products at 30% discount as a member. You can also refer people who would also use or retail the products which each purchase gives you bonuses. One can join with #1,200 too but you can not refer. Then you are expected to be upgraded before 1 year by gradually purchasing products which would amount to 100PPV before one year or do instant 100PPV @ the cost of 39,980. Isn’t it wonderful? Now, lets Royalize Nigeria and Africa.
You can ask further questions if you have.
Oh, how i wish i can open your eyes to the future with Us in Royale business club international. It is so bright that it needs sun glasses to behold. *smiles*

Their Office is located at № 2 Kinda Street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. Beside
Rockview Hotel Classic.


Also WATCH on Video,
Royale hybrid Compensation Plan

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