Once in a life time, some rare beings are born and given to humanity as a gift.


Lady Charity Ejidike

Lady Charity Ejidike (J.P), is one of those kind of a rare being. Full of zest,  emits kindness to all and sundry.
She was married to a like-minded man, Chief Ben Ejidike (blessed be his memory) who never relented in helping the poor; and also stood firm for truth in every situation. Less wonder why these two were extremely blessed with wonderful children and other good things of life.

Lady Charity Ejidike is one “woman too many.” She worked with the Anambra Educational board before the demise of her husband. She voluntarily retired to carry on with the legacy built by Chief Ben Ejidike. Owing to her industrious nature, she also ventured into high class rental services, Soma decors Nig. Limited.
Lady Charity Ejidike has touched so many lives in a positive way. She puts smiled on the faces of widows who were helpless through alms and inspiring words.

Hidden are her works of charity due to her nature of avoiding praises from humans. God who sees in secrete has blessed her with peace, health and progress.


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